Williams Whittle   :   Interfaith Council of Metropolitan Washington    Writer  of  campaign to celebrate religious diversity
   Ogilvy   : Nationwide   Writer of articles for  MakeSafeHappen  website
   Ogilvy   : British Airways   For  Ungrounded , I worked on articles and videos about trends in innovation.
   Ogilvy   : Weight Watchers   I helped create and evolve  Weight Watchers ' brand identity through social media posts.
   Deep Focus   : Court TV    Writer  of produced script series for Court TV's  Mystery 8 Challenge , where I also worked with the team to develop creative strategy
   Deep Focus   : HBO    Writer  on  Big Love  Land, board game for HBO series
  Circuit25    Social media director  &  writer ,  editor  and  features writer  for health & fitness site  Circuit25
  Deep Focus:  Gracie    Promotion for the film, creating quizzes and eCards
   Juice In The City     Writer  &  editor  for daily deal site, promoting various local businesses   
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